Works in the nGbK space

Exhibition duration: December 3 – 7

Videogame by personal cinema

A major issue of debate in the social/political struggle field is the digitalization of the mechanisms of control and surveillance (Border Crossing, Social Movements, Intercultural Conflict and Dialogue). The videogame Banopticon has been under development since January 2010 and completed by April 2013. The project is part of the EU research program MIG@NET.

FYTA Bianella: an attempt towards the destruction of greekness
Video Installation by FYTA

A film documenting the weeklong ‘situationist burlesque’ set up by FYTA at the Athens Bienalle AB4 Agora 2013, involving 50+ artists, performers and pranksters working on the ultimate trolling of Greek identity.

Mixed media installation by Sofia Dona & Zafos Xagoraris

Video documentation of the action and installation, Athens/Berlin 2014

Job Auction 2013
Video installation by AKW

The AUKTIONS KOMITTEE WEDDING invited to a job-market in the former Athens Stock Exchange during the AB4 AGORA Biennale. During the reverse auction aimed explicitly at determining the greatest self-exploiters, the participants underbid each other for the right to work. Fortuna/Europa (an allegory) determines the starting minimum wage according to the respective EU country by rolling dice. The paid labor consisted in reading classical neoliberal texts or economic theory out loud in public. The texts were read in the foyer of the Athens Stock Exchange. The film documents the Job Auction that took place in November 2013 in Athens.

Wand der Antikologie
Mixed Media Installation by Sofia Bempeza

How many ancient pillars, vases and sculptures are needed? Or how does the relation of contemporary Greece to its antiquity pervade a whole spectrum of representation(s) of a country under crisis? A site-specific installation (wallpaper) depicts the portrayal of Greece in times of crisis in the German and/or international media.

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