3 December: We are left, we are right, we are al(l)right


Introduction by the nGbK project group


Daddy Knows
Performance by Metatheodosia

In her piece “Daddy Knows” Metatheodosia presents a phone call to her father, where the line between truth and performance, what is live and pre-recorded is blurred. A taste of Greek reality, familiar to many Greeks as the unspoken reality of family surrealism, ranging from nonsensical to self-contradicting to truly insane.


PSAK – Buildup of Anti-Memorandum People’s Movements
Lecture-Performance by Sofia Bempeza & KavecS

The time has come for a true change in Greece’s political landscape – a change that will originate “from below”! PSAK is the newborn movement, which seeks to unify all anti-memorandum and anti-colonial Greek forces. Those involved in the movement recognize the urgent need for direct intervention in the Greek political setting. PSAK relies on joined patriotic forces, which can offer an alternative for exiting the Crisis. PSAK´s long-term strategy is to ensure native/indigenous growth and social/cultural cohesion in Greece.


New Greek Patriots
Input by Sofia Bempeza

In the last years of the so-called Crisis a new kind of Greek national imaginary seems to gain form. This imaginary grows out of severe considerations on issues such as global financial policies, people’s sovereignty and the governmentality of the state, thereby expressing the need to build up and identify with a new type of contemporary Greekness. What I intend to depict within the framework of this lecture is the emergence of new kinds of Greek patriotism and their specific origins. Thus I will highlight the political endeavors that focus on a hybrid political constellation blurring the borders between left, center and right wing politics whilst seeking to produce a new patriotic political identity. Furthermore, I will delineate my main concern regarding the notion of the Political insofar as this relates to new-fashioned patriotic imaginaries in Greece.


On Querfront today. Aspects of the “third position” in recent global radicalism
Lecture by Kostis Stafylakis & Pablo Hermann

This session discusses aspects of Third-Positionism in today’s global politics, culture and radicalism. The discussants try to analyze the reasons why thirdpositionist and querfront politics are appealing to today’s insurgent social bodies and trace the historical dimensions of this appeal. The understanding of the third-positionist merge between ideological aspects of the revolutionary Left and the radical conservatism of the Right seems to be, perhaps again, a crucial step in decoding the syncretist/integralist politics of our times.

Related reading: “Jürgen Elsässer will eine bürgerlich nationalistische Querfront”
(Image taken from the linked article on scharf-links.de)


Nation’s Vow
Lecture by Sofia Dona

The Nation’s Vow (Táma tou Éthnous) is a Christian-orthodox church that the participants of the fourth national assembly of 1829 had pledged to construct in return for Greek liberation from the Ottoman Empire. Later on this unfulfilled initiative continued with the attempts of the military regime of April 21, 1967 to build the Táma tou Éthnous. In the competition many urban planners took part, among them Konstantinos Doxiadis with his idea of building the monument instead of Tourkovounia, to Lycabettus hill.

Nowadays the idea of realizing the Nation’s Vow is back by an old couple, who already created a corporation in order to collect money and build the churchmonument in Tourkovounia. Just as construction on the Çamlıca mosque started the errands group organized an open air talk at the area of Tourkovounia in order to discuss the possible connections between the case of Çamlıca mosque and Nation’s Vow discovering similarities and potential relations.

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