6 December: Cut ‘n Save


Cause and Consequences of the Crisis
Lecture by Günther Sandleben

The Crisis as an “Empidemic of Overproduction” as a state of momentary barbarism (Marx, Communist Manifesto) castigates humans all over the world, in Europe and especially in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Poverty, material need within an incredible material wealth – a paradox that needs to be clarified. What are the causes of the contemporary crisis? What role do Euro, financial markets, banks and state play? What is the effect of the crisis and what are the consequences? These are the questions I will try to address. The crisis destroys and reactivates economic powers (“cleansing crisis”), it creates an environment for backward nationalist but also emancipatory-revolutionary movements. What would happen if the German former chancellor Helmut Schmidt was right about his intuition: “No revolution shapes itself according to the constitution and we are at the eve of the possibility of a revolution in Europe”.


Spoken Finance (performed by a dyslexic)
Lecture followed by a Performance by Georgios Papadopoulos and Carsten Lisecki

Cut ups from economic theory, literature, and media reports merged together in an attempt to uncover the hidden messages of the neoliberal propaganda. Short statements on the paranoia of the market and the greed of the apologists of finance; mantras of liberation, haikus of disengagement and passivity, poetry of desublimation. Word becoming the new unit of currency in a hopeless, self-defeating and ephemeral attempt to short-circuit the flows of economic value.

Image from Grexit 2013, (ed) Georgios Papadopoulos, published by transmediale Berlin


Live Auction
by AKW (Auktions Kommittee Wedding) Pablo Hermann, Lisa Glauer, Robert Huber & Carola von der Dick as Fortuna/Europa (an allegory)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Customers and Visitors of the NGBK-ENJOY (Y)OUR STATE OF EMERGENCY Job Auction 2014 – WELCOME!

AKW is pleased to announce the launch of NGBK Job Auction 2014. Our team of international experts is driven by the desire to provide simple, paid jobs for those in search of a way to earn money easily. Today we have up for auction text passages of economic theory that the successful bidder will read out loud for cash. It will be a new and exciting way for individuals to earn money. To celebrate the second job auction organized by AKW in collaboration with NGBK- ENYJOY (Y)OUR STATE OF EMERGENCY, we are proud to offer a unique and exceptional collection of texts reflecting on the liberalization of trade, creative economy and the increasing global debt during these past 100 years. Visitors and bidders will discover a rich and varied selection of international economic theory, as well as rare and exceptional reports and speeches on the creative economy.


1) Dr. Robert Huber will introduce each individual text, using his expertise to appraise and comment upon each one.

2) Europa/Fortuna (an allegory) will then roll the dice to determine the starting wage. The numbers of the dice correspond to 11 countries selected from the European Union with minimum wages starting from 11,10 EUR (Luxembourg) to 2,25 EUR (Croatia). From there, the public will attempt to underbid each other in order to acquire the job of reading the aforementioned text, signaling their willingness to bid by raising their flyer.

3) The Chief HR Auctioneer Lisa Glauer will guide you through the bidding process. After a reading has been acquired, the successful bidder will go to the Executive Relations Manager Pablo Hermann, who will provide the contract to be signed.

4) After the auction, the successful under-bidders will be supervised when they go to a specifically demarked public place to read the acquired texts out loud.

In the name of AKW, we would like to thank you for your participation. We wish you a lot of fun and success at the AKW – NGBK Job auction.

AKW – Auktions Komitee Wedding:

Ms Lisa Glauer, Chief HR Auctioneer
Mr Pablo Herrman, Executive Relations Manager
Dr. Robert Huber, Head of Expertise Assessment
Fortuna/Europa (an Allegory)


Exercising the 29th Limb
Performance by Paris Legakis,

Guest Contribution / Organ kritischer Kunst

A set of rules that depict the choreography of the performance is written on sailcloth. The text consists of various videos found online that document immigrants caught by the coast guard in Greece. Brutality and inhuman treatment describes the arrest.

The performer attempts to incorporate in his body two figures which are at the epicenter in national and international scene, that of the fascist and that of the immigrant. Here the body of the performer represents the broader body of society, consisting the scenery in which the two figures intensely clash. The performance questions if a possibility for co-existence of the two is feasible; if society will hold on the clash.

The performer stands opposite to the sailcloth. Language imposes itself to control; the voice orders, the body responds to orders …SKASE (shut up), MI MILAS (don’t speak)… Voice imperative, movements sharp and aggressive. Both, voice and movements coincide and the co-existence of the two figures proclaims violence, the insistence and the repetition announce a painful process. The coordination between voice and movement gradually start to fade; body disobeys voice; voice gets confused; the body trips. The marks of the clash are disclosed on the body, on the society. The exhaustion and expected break down of the body suggests the impossibility of the co-existence of the two figures, the danger for society.

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